Cooper High School 25th Reunion
Sunshine Factory, New Hope   September 9, 2006


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From L to R:   Boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl.
"Are you happy to see me or is that a beer in your hand? Hand check!!
The ever-huggable Brad "Well, this worked in Utah..." ...this shot taken shortly before both men were pummeled into submission...
More pearly whites than you can shake a dental pick at! "What the heck is in these drinks???" Good friends, a smile......THAT'S A CAMERA!!!
A shoulder to cry on...just don't get your tears in my beer! More enamel-plated solar reflectors... Too "standard" to warrant a caption.  Sorry. The drinks are starting to take effect...
Another Utah vacation picture Everybody follows Jeff's beer... Talking, listening...or is that "tuning out"? Of COURSE he's smiling.
Terry with the "right stuff" Stop it. Your smiles are blinding me. No comment. Postcard from Euphoria
Tim, having a rough night. A brief visit to Brokeback Cooper. More TEETH!!!  I can't stand it! In for a closer look
What can Brown do for you? Another victim of the "Hassinger Effect" Wouldn't YOU like to know why they're smiling... Nice guys finish....in the middle...
Yes, um, er, HELLO! Wolff-ing down a beer Deep thoughts on a pivotal event. Pass the onion rings. PLEASE! This is just Too Much Cute.
I just wanna know who their dentist is. Hammerlock: Finishing up on the tackling dummy "V" is for Bistro.  Sort of. "Spin the bottle" ensued shortly thereafter.