E.J. Cooper High School
Class of 1981














30th Reunion (2011)
Was held  Saturday, September 11th at the Bayview Event Center on Lake Minnetonka.  Absolutely perfect weather. Great attendance.  Still waiting to get some images from the event.  If you have some images you'd like to send, please do so now. If you have leftover beer in your boat (Hello Brad), please let me know when it can be consumed.

2009 Mini-Reunion
Was held  Saturday, September 12th at the Sunshine Factory.  We had a turnout of about 16 people. Many others tried to make it but couldn't.  Including Lisa Boone, who gave a kind of lame excuse, but oh well.
Check out a few of the pictures Here. (Note: Flash bulbs + gray hair = harsh glare and possible blindness.  Viewer discretion is advised.  Or, wear your cheaters.)

2007 Reunion
We met again at the Sunshine Factory on Saturday, September 8th for our un-official 26th reunion. From the reports, about 40 people total attended, though not all at the same time, or during the same beer.

25th Reunion (2006)
We had a great turnout at the Sunshine Factory on Saturday, September 9th for our 25th reunion.
Check out the pictures here

20th Reunion:
This was held at the Brooklyn Center Hilton Hotel (near the Schmitt Music Warehouse.) All I can remember is that September 11 happened shortly thereafter, and that Rick Berdahl managed to run through a revolving door with about 47 helium balloons trailing behind him. The evening before, we all met at the Sunshine Factory for a casual get-together, which turned out to be more enjoyable than the main event. Anyone have more details or pictures?

15th Reunion:
I believe this reunion was held in the back of the New Hope American Legion (or VFW?) in November of 1996. It was on very short notice and the turnout was relatively small. I remember Sandy Schwartz being listed as "Deceased" on the official program, which was later proven untrue after a call was made to the event hall--by Sandy Schwartz.  Who has pictures or more info on this event?

10th Reunion:
Held July 20, 1991 at the Radisson Hotel, Minnetonka (Behind Ridgedale.) I can remember several hotel rooms reserved by classmates where we had after-parties until early in the morning. Seemed like a well-run event. If anyone can add to this (or has information to the contrary), please submit your stories!  (Anyone have pictures?)

5th Reunion:
I believe this was held at the Ambassador Hotel (now torn down) which has become the expanded intersection of 394 and highway 100. I think it was late summer...at the end of August 1986.  The following day, some of us met at French Park at Medicine Lake (?). I remember feeling kinda old at the reunion. C'mon, we must have all been....23 at the time?? (Old?? What was I thinking??)
Check out pictures that are now over a quarter-century old!